The Survival Skills Workshop

Need to use a PC or MAC for the very first time? No problem at all, at The Multimedia Tree , we’ll walk you through the necessary steps whilst giving you the necessary skills to identify hardware and software, learn the necessary skills to set up a Tree Directory structure, and specifically save a document in a relevant folder for quick retrieval. Create your very first Word document using formatting techniques, and printing documents in Microsoft Word. Next we’ll introduce you to Sending/Receiving emails via Outlook, categorising emails and flagging emails.

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Course covers the following topics:
  • Learn Windows 10
  • Send emails via Microsoft Outlook
  • Search the Web
  • Learn the basics of Microsoft Word
All students receive:
  • A Microsoft Certified Instructor
  • Comprehensive Training Manual
  • Course Certificate
  • Unlimited Telephone/email Support
  • Additional onsite support at a cost effective rate to suit specific needs
At completion students will be able to:
  • Identify the Windows Screen
  • Windows icons
  • Start & shutdown
  • The taskbar
  • Start programs
  • Pin programs & documents
  • Understand the Outlook screen
  • Send and receive emails
  • Mark emails with priority
  • Attach files
  • What is the WWW?
  • Understand the URL
  • Type in addresses
  • Bookmark websites
  • Create documents in Word
  • Formatting a document
  • Print a document

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