Returning to the Workforce Workshop

Learn 3 applicational software programs to such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel to ensure you have the confidence and skillset required for today’s business needs. Create a document, select a specific page orientation, set up margins, learn how to format text, build a presentation and insert images, add colours that make your page pop and different elements to your slides to grab your audiences’ attention.

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Course covers the following topics:
  • Learn Windows
  • Send emails via Microsoft Outlook
  • Search the Web
  • Learn the basics of Microsoft Word
  • Learn the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel
All students receive:
  • A Microsoft Certified Instructor
  • Comprehensive Training Manual
  • Course Certificate
  • Unlimited Telephone/email Support
  • Additional onsite support at a cost effective rate to suit specific needs
At completion students will be able to:
  • Identify the Windows Screen
  • Windows icons
  • Start & shutdown
  • The taskbar
  • Start programs
  • Pin programs & documents
  • Understand the Outlook screen
  • Send and receive emails
  • Mark emails with priority
  • Attach files
  • What is the WWW?
  • Understand the URL
  • Type in addresses
  • Bookmark websites
  • Create documents in Word
  • Insert Tables
  • Formatting a document
  • Print a document
  • Create presentations in PowerPoint
  • Insert images, shapes and charts
  • Run a slideshow
  • Print handouts
  • Create a spreadsheet in Excel
  • Insert formulas and functions
  • Create a range
  • Print a spreadsheet

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