Advanced PhotoShop CC

Use High End Prepress Tips and Techniques to retouch your images and restore them to their former glory. Add beautiful and mystical special effects, multiple layers and layer masks to your images to breathe new life or preserve antiquity. Add differing textures to your images to enhance visual focus with depth, contrast, replace colours to ‘pop’ an image, use Duotones to add ‘old world charm’, restore damaged images to their former glory, deep etch an image to remove the background to overlay or superimpose an image, use special effects to create text which appears on fire or appears as ice, montage, blend multiple images to create seamless montages.

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Course covers the following topics:
  • Advanced Layer Techniques
  • Clipping Groups
  • Clipping paths
  • Advanced Image Retouching
  • Colour Profiles
  • Advanced Channel Techniques
  • Special Effects for Text & Images
All students receive:
  • An Adobe Certified Instructor
  • Comprehensive Training Manual
  • Course Certificate
  • Free luncheon voucher
  • Unlimited Telephone Support
  • Additional onsite support at a cost effective rate to suit specific
At completion students will be able to:
  • Learn Advanced Layer Techniques
  • Create Clipping Groups
  • Create Type Mask
  • Create Clipping Paths
  • Use Colour Profiles
  • Use Quick Mask Selection to create soft selections
  • Insert Paths from Illustrator
  • Learn how to interesect a selection
  • Use Advanced Channel Techniques
  • Add Layer Masks
  • Create Awesome Special Effects for Text & Images

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